Regarding Kikusui
Our company was born in friendship

Pediatrician Dr. Wu Zuo-ren and founder of Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd., Mr. Nishizawa Kesato, were good friends. They established "Taiwan Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd." in Taiwan for the eldest son of Dr. Wu, Mr. Chin-Ho Wu (current chairman) in 1968, and based their cooperation on the principle that the Japanese ownership would not exceed a half, while Taiwan would hold shares more than 50%. Thus, Taiwan Kikusui Tape was safely born in "friendship".

Except Chairman Wu himself, Taiwanese shareholders also include Dr. Wu's close friend, Shi-wen Chen, Mr. Zhen-tong Yang, as well as Chairman Wu's wife's maternal uncles, Mr. Yan-ying Liu and Mr. Yan-hui Liu. With the support of Mr. Nishizawa Kesato from Japan's Kikusui Corporation and the care of Taiwan's elders, we have been very fortunate from the very beginning.

50 Years of Unwavering Friendship

Six years after the establishment of Taiwan Kikusui Tape , Mr. Nishizawa Kesato passed away due to illness. In gratitude for his trust and affection, Chairman Wu started and has been running the business for over 50 years. Except a tape coating machine they accepted from the Japanese Kikusui Corporation as an investment condition during the initial start-up phase, they never received any capital from Kikusui and did not intend to reduce the Japanese company's shareholding after Mr. Nishizawa's passing.
Of course, Taiwan Kikusui Tape has grown and changed in the 50 years of hard work. Initially, it's a company born solely from friendship, we have also been committed to maintaining this rare and unwavering friendship for 50 years.

In 1968

The company obtained investment approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.  

On May 1st, 1969

The construction of the Tamsui factory began.  

On October 1st, 1969

The tape coating machine from Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd. was introduced into the Tamsui factory.  

On March 30th, 1970

The application for business registration was approved.  

In 2024

Various types of tapes are being manufactured, sold, and in operation.

Regarding Kikusui

"Love the Earth, Sustainable Operation." Everyone is a passerby; focusing on the present is the best attitude. 

General Manager Apple Wu